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"Snapshot of world conflicts - to help guide with personal financial planning"

Source: Simply Wall St

Challenges globally in early 2024:


Stalemate in the war, despite Western support.

Difficulty delivering advanced weapons.

Ukrainian counter-offensive faltered.

Resource depletion and potential collapse of Ukrainian forces.

Putin needs only hold current territory to claim victory.

International Pariah Status for Putin:

Indicted by ICC but still travels freely and receives support.

Western sanctions ineffective due to alternative markets.

Many nations indifferent to Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

Gaza War:

Diverts attention and resources from Ukraine.

Makes West appear complicit in destruction of Gaza.

Raises Iranian influence and fuels anti-Western sentiment.


Nuclear ambitions and expanding influence through proxy militias.

Close alliance with Russia, supplying drones for Ukraine war.

Africa's Sahel:

Military coups oust pro-Western leaders and invite Wagner Group mercenaries.

South Africa joins naval exercises with Russia and China.

North Korea:

Forged close ties with Russia, sending weapons for Ukraine war.

Continued ballistic missile tests.


Assertive claims over South China Sea and Taiwan.

Glimmer of Hope:

Renewed defensive purpose of NATO.

Gaza war may force renewed focus on Palestinian statehood.


The West is facing numerous setbacks on the global stage.

Ukraine war is not progressing as hoped, and Putin enjoys relative international impunity.

Other conflicts and alliances further challenge Western interests.

A glimmer of hope exists in a potential renewed effort towards resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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