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About Us (Client)
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Connecting you online with your money through our global network of partners

We work with the most trusted institutions across the world, helping our clients to find the best solution for their financial needs. 

Benefits you can get with Just Service

Simplify your expat life by connecting to our network. No "selling" - just access to information and our service platform when and if you want it


With expat life comes complex finances and uncertainty. We are able to help you regardless of where you are based.

Let us help you manage your savings, investment and pension plans, anywhere and anytime you want


We deliver practical and transparent monthly reports, updates and alerts via our mobile app and client portal at no cost to you.

We give you access to our experts and referrals to our global network at no cost to you


Our in-house financial advisers are licensed and qualified. We also have an international network of experts. It's where technology meets advice - giving you a new client experience.

** Limited in HK to insurance wrapped plans



Marie, Banker

Transferred over to Just Service a few months ago and am very happy I have done so. Nicholas Jackson, my account manager, is very responsive and helpful. He provided great advice and helped me make necessary changes to my Zurich and Generali investment plans.  The Just Service app is incredibly easy to use and great to keep track of plans and their performance. 

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Sunny, IT Architect

Before I moved to Just Service – I only heard from my adviser twice a year. Now I get monthly statements on my Generali plan from Just Service, which I appreciate greatly as it gives me better visibility over all my savings. I also used a couple of different advisers before – so I had to keep in touch with a few accounts. Now I have everything being managed by Just Service – so I only have one point of contact which helps significantly. 

Our core business is service


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Sarah, Teacher

I set up my Friends Provident retirement plan when I lived in Dubai. When I left Dubai my financial adviser transferred my plan to a colleague within his company who was unable and unwilling to help me further. I discovered Just Service could look after me with no cost and I now receive monthly updates and feel much more informed on what is going on with my pension"

If you already hold one of the plans, but receive little or no service, request a call back from one of our professionals to discuss how we can help you manage your portfolio.

Our business model is to provide the best service to you at no cost. With Just Service you will always stay up-to-date with the latest news and will have access to your portfolio even whist traveling or moving countries. We leverage technology via our exclusive mobile app, easy to set up and easy to use. You will also have access to our client portal and receive monthly valuations. 

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