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Offshore Investment Property


Background of company.

Examples proving credibility

Key positive points with developer





Type, size, price range, status and location of developments.

Time frame and terms for clients

Queensland Australia

  • Founded in February 2011 to consolidate a number of family owned companies

  • Over 20 years of experience in property development 

  • Offering includes marketing to Asian investors including expats. In particular for big capital funding, they offer opportunities to invest early for residency visas or health accessor children's education.

  • Frequent projects are available.

  • Over 20 years experience

Product a

Product B

  • Have purchased land for 24-26 lots (Burnside). Available for early investors. ROI projected at 43% per annum. 

  • Upmarket apartment block of 40 units. Luxury apartments in Maroochydore overlooking Canal.
    Due for launch end of May 2017. Last land lot left along canal.  

Product a

Product B

  • Land deal is an 18 month project.

Greater Manchester, England

  • 11 years experience with key Manchester developers. Now with offices in Manchester, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Taipei. Fortuna 50 company and multiple award winner. An authorised provider of news for Apple News and Google News. Providing one of the largest online libraries of free property research from 28 different countries around the world.

  • All sales and marketing agreements are direct with the developer.

  • Have partnered with the Just Service Group to make it easier for investors to access selected properties.

  • Online services helps research process. Personal service with real people. 

  • Access to the UK market excluding London. 

  • No service charges or handling fees.

  • Inexpensive route to purchase competitively priced investment property.

  • Access to advice for legal, tax, lending, letting etc

Product a

Product B

  • Prices ranging from £75,000 through to £1,000,000. Some projects offering 10% - 20% deposit to secure, others offering innovative monthly payment terms.

  • Several opportunities for high net worth or institutional investors to take securitised debt positions on developments. Also opportunities for bulk forward commitments with discounts and either hold or resale at full price. Investment levels ranging from £500,000 through to £100,000,000. IRR between 8% and 60%.

Product a

  • HMO's 12 - 16 weeks.
    Hotels completed now, immediate return.
    Residential complete and off plan between 18 months and 2 years to completion.

Product B


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